Welcome to my chook page!


I used to keep a motley collection of chooks in my backyard. They now live with friends in the country.


Chicken Sceensaver

This screensaver works on WINDOWS computers. It does NOT work on Macintoshes.

If you want a copy of the chicken screen saver then click here. This is an executable archive file named chickeni.exe. Execute the file and it will create chicken.scr and chicken.hlp. Put these files in your windows directory and in control panel / desktop / screensaver select chickens.scr.


This WAV file brings you the real Australian sound of a kookaburra. Play it loud, sprinkle a little eucalyptus oil around and close your eyes. You could be anywhere in eastern Australia!!

If you want a copy of the KOOKABURRA SOUND FILE then click here.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chook Mailing Lists

BIRD_FARM is wide ranging, chatty and off-topic but usually somewhat chook related.

To sign up to BIRD_FARM send an email to BIRD_FARM-request@eskimo.com with SUBSCRIBE [your email address] as the subject.

Chook Sites


FeatherSite is Barry's comprehensive chicken / dancing / dancing chicken site!

Chickens on the Web is a video camera that regularly updates a picture of whatever's happening in Robyn's coop.

THE COOP Loren Hadley's poultry breeding, exhibition and information, including standard bred chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, waterfowl & gamebirds.

Home James and don't spare the horses gets you back to our place.